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The mastery of metal wire transformation

The mastery of metal wire transformation


Created 65 years ago, Chabanne S.A.S. has evolved over time to become a reference in today’s metallic-wire transformation sector with a number of referenced articles made of steel, stainless steel and so on.


Chabanne Industry makes metallic pieces out of various materials such as aluminium and stainless steel wire, sheet metal and metal strip, all in a range of forms including different types of bend, arch or camber, spring or coil shape, rods and rails, bucket handles, clips, hooks and brackets.


We master metallic-wire transformation know-how thanks to our team of technicians and our machine equipment. Our latest generation numerically-controlled bending machines enable us to produce all types of metallic wire pieces from hooks and springs to brackets and pins. Our multi-slide machine equipment allows us to mass produce items like flat spring elements out of metallic wire or metal strip.


65 years’ service to construction professionals and the transformation of metallic wire

Chabanne was founded in 1950 in the town of Saint Galmier, in the Loire, 65 years ago. The company began in Antoine Chabanne’s workshop where he produced clothes pegs, ceiling suspension hooks and bucket handles. Several decades later, after numerous evolutions and innovations, Chabanne S.A.S. is now two companies:  Chabanne Industry, specialised in the transformation of metal wire and spring wire, and Chabanne Construction, which works specifically with building professionals, and in particular, the drywall installation trade and façade specialists, providing them with numerous items and accessories such as profiled steel, metal strips, hangars and joiners.

Chabanne Rhone Alpes, fil metallique
Entreprise fil métallique Rhone Alpes

Quality, diversity and quantity

Since 1950, Chabanne S.A.S. has taken the time to gradually and sensibly develop itself. The company’s production and administrative facilities have regularly been enlarged, sometimes with moves to new sites, and the construction of larger buildings, the latest new production unit being added in 2012. This development has enabled Chabanne S.A.S. to widen and diversify its range of products, and to equip itself with latest-generation machinery. More especially though, Chabanne is now able to comfortably manage orders requiring medium to very large production capacities. In 2003 and 2004, this extensive work was recognised through the obtention of the ISO 9001 certification.

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