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Antoine Chabanne launches its activity making springs for clothes pegs, ceiling suspension hooks and later, bucket handles, in a workshop located in the town of Saint Galmier in the Loire.



Construction of the first 1,000m2 (10,800ft2) factory which is soon enlarged to 3,000m2 (32,300ft2).

Our production is focused on 3 main areas :

• Punched and expanded angle irons, tile brackets, ceiling suspension hooks, profiled and expanded metal mesh, and pieces made out of metal strip,

• Bucket handles and packaging items,

• Formed pieces made from metal wire destined for the automobile industry, small, household-appliance production and electrical or leisure products.



The headquarters are moved to a new 5,000m2 (54,000ft2) site along with the production of metal wire or bent metal articles, the first factory being dedicated to the Construction division.



Dominique Chabanne, the son of Antoine Chabanne, the company’s creator, becomes the firm’s President.

An additional 2,000m2 (21,500ft2) of workshop and warehouse space are built for the Industry division, and are dedicated to the production of metal wire and stainless steel wire pieces.

The company equips itself with CAD.



The Construction division moves into brand new, 6,000m2 (64,500ft2) buildings.



Maxence Chabanne (Antoine’s grandson) follows on from Dominique and becomes
the new head of the firm.

Brackets, suspension hooks, springs, metal wire pieces… A wide variety of products for many sectors


Pièce feuillard

Chabanne Industry has customers in many sectors ranging from sport, automobile, and tooling to office equipment, health, and electrical appliances. We bring them all our know-how concerning metal wire and springs from bent, folded, formed and cambered wire to standard springs, flat springs and specially formed springs.

Chabanne Industry : metal wire work


Eclisse universel Chabanne
Suspente poutrelle

The way it has grown, Chabanne S.A.S. has of course been able to develop its activities in a numbers of sectors. Chabanne Construction therefore deals directly with construction professionals and on building sites. These include renderers, drywallers, masons, and so on, to supply them with suspension hooks brackets, joint bars and other ironmongery and accessories for plastering and plaster board.

Arête angle construction

Hooks, brackets, joint bars and other construction accessories.

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